Aleko's Restaurant & Catering


Our South Lyon location has been in business for over 23 years. I was influenced greatly by my mother and father who have been in the business their entire lives. On March 16, 1997 my father Aleko passed away, but his memory lives on here.

We specialize in catering parties of all sizes. If you have a party coming up, stop in and ask for a catering menu. At my restaurant the friendly staff takes pride in great service.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them with me. I am on staff daily at the restaurant.

Bon Apetite,

Aleko's Stories

Aleko's Stories

Out of Town Friends / Family

Whenever our friends or family members come into town for a visit we used to plan our meals carefully since its usually just the two of us and feeding 10+ people is out of the ordinary for us. But - now - as we're planning the visit on the phone inevitably someone says, "Hey - can we get those ribs and that bread from that one place again?" LOL - Aleko's is now an extended family favorite! LOVE the people, LOVE the service, LOVE the quality of food! And - at this point - don't know what we'd do without Aleko's to bail us out of cooking!!!!

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